Friday, January 21, 2011

The new phone

I got my self this handy new gadget So think that I might post some more blogs.... I said might...I might. Odds are I most likely wont but who's to say that in the middle of the night instead of playing ant smash or angry birds I may blog myself to sleep instead. :)....
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Thursday, March 25, 2010


I think Cameron is just about the girliest girl I know.
Luke or Bruce Wyane?
Masons first time on the grass!!!
Some one finally locked this kid up!
Shes just too cute to be one of the monkeys!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Went to the zoo today with Jamie and the kids, post pictures soon! Horray for 75* weather!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

long time no see...or write

So much has happened over the last 2 months. where to start.....

My cake decorating classes were so much fun! I learned alot and have been able to make a few fun things. I am working on a cake for ryleighs birthday on saturday. Its going to be so cute its strawberry shortcake and I hope that I have enough time to make it a 2 layer. one of the cake class cakes and my practice one for ryleigh lets hope the next is ALOT better.

Mason also has had quite the past few months he has been sooo sick, which has been no fun for me. He also got his helmet for reshaping his sweet little dome :D He is doing so well with it. I think that I have more problems with it then he does. I cant rub his little face and his hair and I wanna kisss him but the helmet gets it not my baby BAHHHH lol. well at least we can say its a well loved helmet right lol. Im almost positive that this helemt will be green soon with googley eyes and orange dino spikes! yay for moosen!

Tristan has started preschool at home and one day a week at miss kims. He LOVES it so much he just has to be able to hold still long enough to get more then half a work sheet done lol. Writing his name has become a big goal for him and I must say the letter 't' never looked so good! We had play group at our house recently as and a princess and the frog viewing with jamie, kalei and forests kids, he has so much fun with all his friends... he actually has more friends then me! He is growing up before my eyes and I cant wait for the new things he will do and say everyday. eeee I love him

I actually have been dabble..dabbel?...-ing in a few different things these days. I started making a few baby blankets and burp rags for mou's nephews baby that is on her way in april, which has been a roller coaster did u know that sewing is nothing like baking? well if you though they were some what related they are NOT! baking you just add things together put it in the oven take it out and ENJOYYYY...well sewing much to my dismay if you leave it for 30-35 mins does not complete its self. I am having fun though learning new things and I just bought a pattern for bean bag chairs yay! Masons PT told me that he would probably do well with one and im just excited that I can make it as cute as id like and not some plain one. OOOO I also made a diaper cake for my bf courtneys baby shower it was my second one ever but totaly cute! Kalei made the bows!

well Im sure that I have missed tons of stuff but I just cant think of anything more quite yet but believe you me I like the sands in the hour glass these are the days of our lives.... or something like that. ;D

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh and ps Tristan was my date tonight we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.....Very cute...and so was my date!

this week at the loloheas

okay first before I forget Tristan was being obnoxious just now and wouldn't eat his food. Moses can for some reason never get Tristan to do anything and then complains to me and wants me to take care of it. I got fed up told him that hes a grown man and can handle it, so Tristan just said "be a grown man Mou!".... the joys of having Tristan for a son will NEVER get old.

So this week has been a good one! I started my cake decorating classes with my friend Allison. It was a good first class I did learn a few things however most of it I already knew. SO our other friend Michelle was gonna take it with us but it was full, however I told her today it wasn't too hard and she could prob skip to class 2 when we start cause it really is very basic....but stillllll fun and still gives me something to learn and be out of the house doing something i want to do...ALONE lol

Mason had another OT/PT appointment this week. He is improving however since his head is still flat on one side he will be going to the cranial-facial clinic at childrens in Seattle. We have to up his joint compressions and his squeezing message to more reps per day to help with his hypersensitivity. I must say tho he is doing way better with being in his car seat and doesn't arch nearly as often as he used to. and through it all he stay happy and sweet...until hes hungry of course :D...which i also discovered this week he wants nothing to do with solids... AT ALL.

We also have started a business venture with our really good friends Courtney and Thomas. I have high hopes that this will work out well. My UJ tells me that if I want it to work it will and that I just have to wish me luck and ask me about it!!! lol

I think Mason is teething!

This is his FAVORITE toy he thinks hes a perfessional race car driver.